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Club 40 Rules for the Airplanes - (Version 1-11-2011)

Revised 3/7/12 to add engine mount clarification


• The World Models Sky Raider Mach II ARF or ARC, per instructions
• The World Models LA Racer 40 ARF, per instructions
• The Sanaloma Laser, Inc, Club 40 Raider Kit, use WM hardware or allowed substitutes.

You may modify the cheek/nose area of the kit and older Sky Raiders to match the current WM product. Do not enclose. Do not pinch narrower than the narrowest of current or previous airframes from WM

Airframe Regulations:
• Assemble according to the manual, with the materials provided, except for:
• Recovering plane is allowed.
• No airframe modifications other than repairs or reinforcement.
• Standard size servos or mini servos with 4 screws are required.
• Dual aileron servos are allowed.
• Minimum weight, without fuel, is 4 lb. and 8 oz., 4 lb. and 4 oz. for Sport class.
• Control surfaces may be hinged with the supplied metal or CA hinges, other CA hinges, plastic hinges or hinge points (Robart or similar).
• A minimum of 3 hinges per aileron, 4 per elevator and 3 per rudder are required.
• Hinge lines may be sealed using tape, stick-on plastic covering, or iron-on plastic covering.
• Wheels must have minimum diameter of 55 mm and minimum width of 20 mm. Hint: Stock wheels (60 mm) or DuBro 2 1/4 Low Bounce (57 mm)
• Must have canopy, original or very similar.
• Do not remove any wood except to clear for Sport muffler or move throttle servo to the side.

Propulsion System Regulations:
• All engines must be stock, with stock carburetor, and muffler with original baffle, if any.
• Backplate Engine Mounts may not be used. Engine mounts must be of the nylon or glass-filled nylon beam type.
• Shimming the engine mount to change the thrust line is acceptable.
• Parts, which may be changed and may come from any source: Bearings, Gaskets (& head shims), Glow plug, head and crankcase bolts, propeller nut & washer and Remote needle valve assembly.

Advanced Class Engines:
• Recommended: Thunder Tiger Pro .40 BB ABC w/Muffler
• Acceptable Alternatives: SuperTigre GS-40, GMS .40 ABC BB, Evolution .40NT and OS .40 BB sport engines or any clones/copies of the listed engines

Sport/Novice Class Engines:
• Thunder Tiger GP-40 or GP-42, OS .40 or 46 LA, OS .40 FP, Magnum .40 GP, Tower Hobbies 40 or clones

Prop / Spinner:
• Any spinner of not more than 2.5 inches in diameter is allowed.
• Spinner weights that fit inside a spinner, Heavy hub and aluminum Safety Spinner nuts are allowed.
• Any size of prop may be used.

Props shall be unmodified and commercially available. Balancing only will be allowed as defined in Section 7.5 of AMA Pylon Regulations or RCPRO Club 40 Procedures.

Fuel tank:
• Any brand of tank may be used.
• Tanks may be raised or lowered to allow for consistent engine runs.
• The tank may only be pressurized with muffler pressure.
• Bubble less tanks that have an internal bladder may be used.
• The stock tank may be converted to use a fuel bladder.

• Control horns, push rods and linkages may be replaced with similar hardware.
• Pushrods, if replaced, must exit the fuselage sides in the same position as original specification.
• No EZ-type connectors on ailerons, elevator or rudder. They are only allowed on throttle. Also see section 8, especially a. and i, of AMA Pylon Regulations or RCPRO Club 40 Procedures.
• Battery packs may be four or five cell (or 2-3 cell LiPo) with a suggested minimum of 500 mAh.
• Nylon wing bolts are allowed.
• You may substitute machine screws, nuts and screws of same or larger diameter. (#4 SAE is fine)

Race CD will have the final say on legality of "modified" aircraft.
• Inspectors may use templates or a “standard” aircraft. See Technical Inspection Form.
• Any modification deemed to be an attempt to provide for speed enhancement, shall not be allowed.


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