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Club 40 Objectives

Note: Back in 2003-2005 these were the design objectives for Club 40. They have worked well.

The objective of Club 40 is to provide an entry level pylon racing class that is affordable and club friendly.

Everyday sport planes will be used that are comparable in performance.

Racing can be on 2 pole or 3 pole courses.

Engines will be limited to .40 to make compliance with AMA regulations easier.

The recommended engine will be the Thunder Tiger Pro .40 so that Club 40 participants can move to AMA 424 Sport Quickie if they move into AMA racing.

The airframes chosen are based on a common set of attributes:

1) Must be able to taxi easily. Steerable tailwheels or nose gear is required.

2) Must have upright engine with exposed cylinder and muffler.

3) Minimum wing area of 550 sq inches and 53" wingspan.

4) Wing must be held on with screws.

5) Must have a canopy.

6) Kit or ARF must be $150 or less.


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