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RealFlight 6.5 (and above) Club 40 Add-On Software

Save all of these files to a folder on your computer. In some browsers, you will need to right click and "Save Link As..." and you may have to rename the file extension to RFX.

Open RealFlight, and click on Simulation, Import, RealFlight Archive.

Select the airport using the Environment, Select Airport, Custom Airports, Photofields menu.

For the most realistic experience, change the view to manual and zoom in one notch.

RCPRO Club 40 2 Pole 400 Feet V1-0-2_AP.RFX

Select the airplane using the Aircraft, Select Aircraft, Custom Aircraft.

Sky Raider Mach II TT Pro 40_AV.RFX

Four solid color schemes are available. The plane is based on the SpaceWalker and any SpaceWalker scheme can be used.

SpaceWalker Solid Orange_CS.RFX

SpaceWalker Solid Red_CS.RFX

SpaceWalker Solid White_CS.RFX

SpaceWalker Solid Yellow_CS.RFX

New additions - 1/5/2015

This new field is based on the Sierra Nevada Flight School Airport. You need a more powerful computer than the Photofield airport. It has tents at the pylon judge stations. Make sure to use View, Zoom Type, Manual.

540-B V1-0-0_AP.RFX

This plane has reduced exponential to be more like what most people use. The elevator has more throw both in high rates and low rates. Edit the radio settings to get it to feel like your plane.

Channel 1 - Aileron
Channel 2 - Elevator
Channel 4 - Rudder

Sky Raider Mach II TT Pro 40 V1-0-6_AV.RFX


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