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RCPRO Warbird Racing - Getting Started

This racing class has evolved from Warbird racing classes that have mostly been run the the Southwest US area. It is a great racing formula because there are many available Warbird kits and ARF airframes that are suitable.

Racing is conducted using what is known as a "bracket" format. "Breakout" times are used to group airplanes of similar performance. These times have been established based on a lot of racing experience. The three classes are called Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Maximum engine displacements are specified for corresponding wing areas. However, engine choice does not require using the maximum size engine allowed.

It is easy to get started since almost any flyable R/C warbird plane can be used. The Bronze class is the slowest and is suitable for sport pilots just beginning in racing. A Bronze class plane will typically have an engine that is smaller than the maximum allowed.

Two stroke and four stroke engines are allowed. There are no restrictions on engine modifications or mufflers. However, clubs can specify noise limits if needed for local purposes and reasons.

Pilots supply their own fuel and there are no limits on fuel. This allows participants to use whatever fuel they commonly use when sport flying.

Racing is conducted on a 2 pole course with racing out in front of the pilots. Since most clubs are set up to AMA guidelines, most sport pilots are more accustomed to flying out in front of themselves. The RCPRO Warbird Racing Rules contain a race course diagram that shows how a field can be set up to obtain an AMA waiver and sanction.

For more information and questions, see the Getting Started thread in the RCPRO Forums.


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